We’re still a good year away from DC Comics & Warner Bros. highly anticipated juggernaut of a spring superhero film Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and yet it seems every little small detail makes us hungry for more and more.

And now, Batman Vs. Superman has an official teaser trailer that should have the nerd within you salivating even more.

Though the teaser trailer is simply that for its 21-second length, it comes with a slightly bigger announcement – news that the film’s official first full-length trailer will premiere exclusively in select IMAX theaters across the country on this coming Monday, April 20th. You can head over here to RSVP to be in attendance at one of the lucky locations.

Don’t even bother clicking on the link if you’re in Texas, as the Great State was snubbed as a premiere location. But if you have friends in D.C., Connecticut, Wisconsin, or even Utah, well… you may want to ask them to bring along a camera for that “sneak peak.”

March 25, 2016 really can’t come fast enough.