J_Davey - Strong Anticipation

“Strong anticipation.” It’s a phrase that quite adequately describes the long wait fans of J*DaVeY have had to endure between the duo’s releases. Brook D’Leau and Miss Jack Davey have seemingly all but become ghosts in the past year and a half, what with Jack having committed herself to motherhood and Brook focusing back on life.

Thankfully, “Strong Anticipation” is also the name of J*DaVeY’s first single in a good while, which dropped just a few days ago.

Producer Brook gives “Strong Anticipation” an ’70s meets the 00s feel, merging murky synths with slightly electro pop-turned-funk sound (and showing off in the song’s outro instrumentation). Jack’s voice is almost ethereal over the beat, but this isn’t autotune – this is really the vocalist floating along “Strong Anticipation’s” genre-blending instrumental.

Is J*DaVeY back for good? With “Strong Anticipation’s” release and news of a new EP, POMP, in the oven to arrive before the year’s end, we certainly hope so.