As it stands, Drake’s If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late has the easiest “chop” name for a mixtape in the entire Drake discography. It literally begs for the verb to be flipped into something else. So while other version of the chopped & screwed version surfaced online the night of the project’s release, the one noticeably absent name from the foray was OG Ron C. He, being closely linked to Drake knew something more than we did and alluded to it on multiple occasions, even releasing a previously unreleased version of “Madonna” from his own If You’re Choppin This It’s Too Late. The message was lowkey simple. As Aubrey was finishing up the original, including the bonus cut “My Side”, every track was sent over to OG Ron C & the Chopstars, creating a simultaneous blend of music.

The result? OG’s final mix of If You’re Choppin This It’s Too Late where the tracks are once more re-arranged in typical Chopstars fashion, extending the known fact that there’s a far more smoother polish to what OG does as say the originator, DJ Screw. The new version splits both versions of “Star 67,” leaving one to close the tape while the other builds to the aptly re-titled “You & The G”. You can hear every chop, name drop and Gizzle moment below via LiveMixtapes or download it here.