Ahead of its April 13th release date, Tyler, the Creator’s Cherry Bomb found its way on iTunes much to the complaints of no one. After getting everyone’s attention with the woozy fun of “Fucking Young”, the album yielded one more surprise — “Smuckers” featuring Kanye West & Lil Wayne.

The two A-listers drop their own typical highs to fall right in line with Tyler’s on “Smuckers” with Kanye saying “God gave me a big dick so I can go harder,” and “Richer than white people with black kids / Scarier than black people with ideas.” Wayne jumps “Smuckers” wanting to stick his “Rollie in her mouth, let the time cum,” and goes back and forth with Tyler between Martin/In Living Color punchlines and more. It’s a freewheeling track for all three, definitely one of the best moments for Kanye & Wayne in 2015. Who knew it would take Tyler, the Creator to bring it out of them?

Hear “Smuckers” below. Tyler, the Creator’s Cherry Bomb album is available now and you can stream it below in full.