Domination Artwork

If you’re a true wrestling fan, you may remember The Nation of Domination. The wrestling equivalent of the Black Panther Party, it was composed of Farooq Asaad, Kama Mustafa (before he was The Godfather), D-Lo Brown, and The Rock Rocky Maivia, with Mark Henry, Ahmed Johnson, and even Owen Hart (R.I.P.) joining their ranks later on. It wasn’t just another wrestling stable, either: The Nation of Domination was formed to counter the real-life backstage politics regarding the limited number and all but absence of of-color main-eventers and headliners.

The only thing more empowering than the Nation’s presence itself, were the NoD’s promos. WWE Creative’s outstanding scriptwork in the 90s, coupled with Farooq’s natural, pre-“DAMN!” charisma, had Farooq legitimately sounding like a modern-day civil rights leader at times.

So it makes perfect sense that the ZipSquad collective – BIGSPITGAME, Scorcese Shellz, Black, and PR The Great – ever the wrassle-rap enthusiasts, would make an entire project inspired by (and bearing soundbites from) the Nation of Domination. The result is Domination, a 12-track mixtape that’s part homage to the Nation and part Black Power Anthems on wax with the collective “rebranding” themselves as Drama Mustafa, Yung Farooq, Speezy Maivia, and P-Lo Brown (with Big Nuke appearing as Savio Vega-inspired “Nuke Vega” on outro “Turn The Lights Off”). From the onset of the drum-heavy intro “Crown Us” on through the hip-hop theme music-sounding “Black Hartbeats” (whose beat all but has a pulse) and the Three 6 Mafia-sampling “Stay Flybuls,” Domination will all but have you wanting to throw on some tights and lay the smack down on somebody before you’ve finished the entire tape.

Stream ZipSquad’s Domination mixtape down below and grab it here via Audiomack.