To let him tell it, Boogie really found his voice in the church and then let the streets and life lead him everywhere else. A year after his Thirst 48 tape made a little noise out West and garnered the attention of a few writer types, Boogie’s “Oh My” explodes out the gates delivering not only cocksure raps but a wild out on a Friday kind of attitude.

The rapper’s rather unusual upbringing (gang life, kicked out of school, home school, GED then college) offers a slice of Cali life that may be common to some. He’s not glorifying gang life and he hopes to teach his son everyday about his father’s history. If you listen close to Thirst 48, you can hear the little boy’s voice in the background.

Parts West Coast with a dash of everywhere else, Boogie has his eyes and ears set on delivering even more with The Reach. Watch his video for “Oh My” below and attempt to not get the Jahlil Beats banger stuck in your head.

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