Movie Review: These Final Hours [@jessdegouw @XYZFilms]
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These Final Hours is a pure example Australian brilliance, that delivering from the beginning to the end of the film.

In this apocalyptic drama, James is a troubled young man on a mission. He’s desperate to join his girlfriend Vicky at the ‘party to end all parties’ and numb any feelings as the world comes to an end.  On his journey however, James is greeted by a lawless and chaotic city, facing a cataclysmic event that will end life on the planet, and he discovers that getting to where he needs to be will not be easy.

In most apocalyptic dramas we are use to seeing a certain formula laid out in this genre of film. End of the world threat+ Family trying to survive+Heartfelt Second Story Character=Disaster film. These Final Hours have stripped the need for survival and embraced the end is coming. The film starts with James played by Nathan Phillips (Snakes on a plane) holding a conversation with his who we think is his girlfriend Zoe played by Jessica De Gout (Arrow). The film stick to a more realistic scenario with todays society. At Zoe’s beach house, she feels comfortable being to meet her demise and wants James to stay with her, James has other options in mind. They begin to argue about James wanting to attend a party and numbing away the pain. Two scenarios that play so well into a real life situation. Most disaster film such as Deep Impact shined a brief light on these similar decision but do not make it the final outcome for the main characters.

The film has embraced the fact that the end is coming and portrays the actions society would demonstrate if knowing the end is near. After departing with his girlfriend we are given numerous examples of different behaviors. A group of women huddle together saying prays to their lord and savior, pillaging, rioting, public displays of affection, suicides, and mental breakdown are displayed throughout the film to the point that you feel like you are in this scenario yourself and awaiting the fetal end.

James comforting Rose

James comforting Rose

Along James’ travels he saves a little girl name Rose, from being raped by two men. Eager to find her father James is forced to face some very harsh realities that he initially was trying to avoid. James continues to display perfectly the dilemma of being thrown with his morality and selfishness. With each decision he make it continues to hinder the selfishness that tries to rear it’s ugly head and forces James to act.

He stumbles upon his sister dead along with her three daughters when he refuses to take Rose to her aunt’s house where her father is. Continuing his self torment James makes another choice in the road of selfishness and takes Rose with him to the party. Now if you have sort of imagination you can think of what exactly would be going on at the ‘party to end all parties’. It is a cess pool of orgies, drugs, violence, and people blowing their own brains out while the DJ keeps spinning records. Lets be honest, what else would you do at the last party on Earth.

Contining through the party James runs into his girlfriend Vicky played by Kathryn Beck. You quickly begin to understand the relationship between James with Vicky and Zoe. Clearly intoxicated Vicky cannot help but want to be with her boyfriend and when the pressure is put on James he leaves Rose at the pool. In the bedroom we find James still tipping on the edge trying to dive into his wanting to party and be totally numb. It isn’t until Vicky reveals a hidden bunker under the house that everything is clear to James. While this is occurring, Rose is tricked into taking ecstasy from a woman who has mental replaced her with the daughter that she has lost. With the sun beaming down and the drugs coursing through Rose’s veins it won’t be long until trouble reaches her and James.

Back in the bunker James realizes the party is not where his heart truly wants to be. This does not pose well for Vicky as she begins to throw a tantrum that reveals her fear of the end. Vicky is yet another piece in this film that captures the realism of the events that are going to occur. James finds Rose lifeless near the pool and immediately tries to help her, but not before going through a deranged woman who is later shot by his former girlfriend.

The two end up at his mother’s while Rose recovers. James shares great intimate moments with his mother. The conversation hold about his sister and the way he handles telling his mother what she needed to know rather than the truth is executed perfectly. He shows reasoning having his mother not face the fact that they are gone and also facing her demise. After Rose recovers James does what is right and brings Rose to her aunt’s house to be untied with her father.

Arriving out the house more tragedy is in store for the two characters as James stubbles onto the entire family dead in the backyard. Trying his hardest to shield Rose from seeing her father’s lifeless body, Rose cannot help but want to be with her father. Rose remains with him as she fulfills her promise that they would be together at the end and parts ways with James.

James scurries back to the beach house to spend the final moments with the person he truly loves, Zoe. She resist but in the end embraces James and they meet their end together.

This is can be considered to be one of most realistic disaster films that I have viewed in quite some time. Each character displayed the general personality of what someone would do if they knew the end was coming. The setting in Australia was perfect as the director captured the grit and the heat that drew from not only the environment but the characters as well. Although it has been released in Australia and the UK, These Final Hours is still making it’s way to the US slowly.

If you are a fan of good cinema, and great drama I would highly recommend this film. You will enjoy it from beginning to end.