The Dreamlife Crew is looking for a few new interns to integrate into our family this summer. After having writers be published in the likes of Billboard, VIBE, Noisey, Ebony, Issa Rae & more, we’ve come to understand that working for Day & A Dream is akin to honing your skills at a major without ever having to sign over your rights to stay in a major. We’re looking for content expansion, not just in regards of music and reviews but the culture as a whole.

Areas Of Need:
01. Op-Ed

02. Timely, up-to-the-minute updates

03. Conducting interviews with musicians, artists, videographers, athletes & more.

04. Catching the latest trends before they blow.

05. Expressive, yet not lengthy album reviews.

06. Lists

07. Spotlights on Houston arts & culture

What We’re Looking For:
01. Writers who have a distinct tone and style, able to converse as well in 140 characters as they would in long form.

02. Self-motivated individuals

03. Writers keen on how to format articles and images

04. A keen understanding of not just hip-hop but other musical genres such as R&B, rock, indie and more from a historical standpoint, anniversaries and more.

05. The ability to contribute multiple times per week (2 – 3 short posts if possible).

06. Active awareness of Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus plus an active account on each platform.

07. The ability to grasp already established guidelines at Day & A Dream via our Style Guide, as well as the ability to fact-check and self-edit at times.

What You Shouldn’t Bring To The Table:
01. Anyone who lacks the motivation or drive to establish a career in music journalism.

02. A penchant for AP-style journalism. We do report the news but in a way that every reader from middle school to the elderly can grasp.

Feel you can contribute? Send us an e-mail at Please include writing samples so that we can gauge your writing style for the future should we choose to accept you into our program. You can link to previously published work or send an attachment. Due to the nature of this, it may takes us a few weeks before we respond to every applicant.