The day is finally here. After months in beta, Apple has decided to release iOS 8.3 to the public with the most significant changes belonging to app launch, app responsiveness, Messages, WiFi and of course, the inclusion of diverse emojis.

via Forbes:

I believe that the most interesting feature in iOS 8.3 is the redesigned Emoji keyboard. You can now select from 300 new characters with many new skin tone options. The diversity in the previous Emoji keyboard version was lacking because there was just an Asian man wearing a gua pi mao cap and an Indian man wearing a turban, but there were no black people represented. Apple also added many more relationship- and gadget-related Emojis. For example, there are now same-sex relationship Emojis like families with two mothers and two fathers. Some of the gadget Emojis that have been added includes a representation of the iPhone 6 and an Apple Watch (as a replacement to the traditional watch). Emojis for 32 more country flags have also been added to the keyboard.

The rest of the details can be found here as well as Apple’s official support website.