Prepare yourself if you’re a fan of the late Tejano queen Selena Quintanilla. A hologram made in her image is set to be made per an announcement on her official Facebook page. The singer’s late sister Suzette confirmed the news to Billboard.

The Selena hologram, dubbed “Selena The One” is set be “a walking, talking, singing and dancing, digital embodiment” of the late singer who was murdered in 1995. The Selena hologram will “release new songs, collaborate with current hit artists, and aims to go on tour in 2018.”

The website, says that an IndieGoGo campaign has been erected in order to raise over half a million dollars.

With this ambitious undertaking, Acrovirt will be running an Indiegogo campaign to support of the launch of Selena The One. The campaign, which launches April 16, 2015, aims to raise $500K.
Acrovirt has a master research and development agreement with the University of California, San Diego to develop virtualization and interactive technologies for educational, therapeutic and entertainment purposes.

“Selena is a Latin American icon who was taken before her time. Acrovirt and the Quintanilla family are excited to announce that Selena will continue to share her creative talents with the world in a new
innovative way.” Terry Kennedy, co-founder of Acrovirt, the company behind the creation of the Selena hologram stated.

More details about the Selena hologram can be found here.