ty the dude

As soon as the first few tracks on Northern Virginia native Ty The Dude’s “Roots EP” play, your nose kind of curls up and there is a need to ask, in a high-pitched voice, “who is thiiiiis?” Well, Ty The Dude is 18, he’s a senior in high school, last month he dropped his first officially released project and he is pretty good at this rap thing.

Containing nine tracks, the production through the entirety of the “Roots EP” needs acknowledgment: the use of multiple producers with different styles complements the eccentricity of Ty’s content and flow. Sometimes the sound is airy and others it is soulful or even dark. Each track has a completely different feel to it and they all come together for a very well-rounded project.

With only two features, the “Roots EP” spotlights Ty The Dude’s unforgiving lyricism, which is impressively meaningful and catchy at the same time. Stand out tracks include Focused Amnesia, Growth & Decay,  Inimitable and The Alter (ft. Josh Montgomery).

Ty The Dude is a new, young artist with a unique sound that is as high in quality as it is fresh and fun. Give his “Roots EP” a listen below.

Stream: Ty The Dude – Roots EP