R&B, at least for those who don’t see the classic approach to it is now a hazy twist of emotions. Love, lust, pain, sorrow, redemption, hope, any and all adjectives that describe the human experience are now tucked in these drawn out movements of drums and strings. It’s almost as if modern R&B is just a form of opera, lively yet motionless all at once. That is the simplest way to describe LOE, a Missouri City talent who takes breathless vocals and throws them into a wall of kidnapped drums, synth chords and slight mumbles to come out like a Texas version of Björk (who LOE cites as an influence) or in some ways, a distant cousin of what Dallas artist Sudie is producing.

LOE, a 20-year-old rising singer of Mexican & African-American descent, is the first artist tapped by The Hive Society as part of their newly minted Buzz Series. The two entities along with LOE’s management, EATGOODANDPROSPOER are presenting her first ever solo show, April 19th at Warehouse Live. The full details of that show can be found here. For LOE’s first ever interview, conducted by The Hive Society, she spoke of her intentions with music as means for escape. Not just for her, but her fans as well. “I want to help my listeners forget about reality for a while and hopefully it’s has the same escape effect on them as it does for me,” she said.

Read the full interview here. Stream her latest record “Culda Been” and her HELLOE EP below.