The battle between Jay Z & his very famous and rich musician friends and the other streaming music services, namely Spotify has now notched another watershed moment for Hov fans. Watch Loud has discovered that fans of Jay Z who have long packed their Jay Z discography playlist with the opening sounds of Mary J. Blige on “Can’t Knock The Hustle” from Reasonable Doubt can no longer do so. The album no longer exists on Spotify, save for “Coming Of Age”.

However, the other 187 songs that compose Hov’s other 11 solo albums still remain on Spotify. The move to snatch Reasonable Doubt off of the service seems like a move built for some exclusive deal for Tidal, the new music screaming service that Jay and friends launched last week. However, Reasonable Doubt is the only child not named Blue Ivy that Jay Z will claim publicly so you should know exactly how he feels about that.

Even though it seems like a smart move to increase Tidal’s subscriptions, more exclusive (new) content should be the way to go, not pulling nearly 20 year old albums. Unless there’s some major behind the scenes footage and a golden ticket concert where Hov will perform the album in its entirety complete with a Biggie hologram for “Brooklyn’s Finest” but that would also mean him being nice to Jaz-O for a check so let’s nix that idea.