The common thread of Rihanna’s catchy “Bitch Better Have My Money” is that plenty of other songs, including AMG’s own “Bitch Betta Have My Money” share a song title with the Roc Nation singer. However, a fan of Houston singer Just Brittany is claiming a bit more is shared. Last year, Just Brittany released an EP, Something Different with a track titled “Bitch Better Have My Money”. The 1:29 minute version that appears on Soundcloud offers up the idea that both songs have rather similar choruses but not melody.

In the now deleted tweet from the fan page, the person claiming to be Just Brittany wrote, “ATTN: @itsjustbrittany “Betta Have My Money” been on iTunes jacked by @rihanna Wake Up https://t.co/1ZnubvEz4m http://t.co/TgC5Avxyhr
— Just Brittany (@YoungJB_TheDeal) March 30, 2015″

The FADER originally reported the story. Neither Rihanna or Just Brittany’s official camps have spoken about the matter. Hear Just Brittany’s version, “Better Have My Money” below.