Jodeci - Checking For You

Old head R&B fans have had the 31st of March circled in their calendars ever since January, when 90s powerhouse R&B group Jodeci formally announced their reunion and return to the music with their “Every Moment” single, as well as revealed a reunion album. The news of a new Jodeci album was a welcome change of pace, what with modern R&B continually gravitating more and more towards rap-pop than singing. Is it possible that, with their first LP in nearly two decades, Jodeci might revive the genre?

This may be too big of a question to pose too early. Thankfully, K-Ci, Jo-Jo, DeVante, and Mr. Dalvin know that The Past, The Present, The Future presents an opportunity not only to appeal to old fans but also to gain new ones. As a result, the R&B quartet has allowed their new LP to be streamed for free on Spotify.

Clocking in at twelve tracks and bearing features from the likes of B.o.B. (on “Nobody Wins”), Liana Banks (on the smooth redux of “Sho Out” towards the album’s end), AV, and Mila J, The Past The Present The Future dares to merge nostalgic feel with a contemporary sound. In some places, the contemporary sound stands out more than others, like on “Too Hot” and “Those Things.” Which is not to say classic Jodeci is missing – indeed, look no further than the Mila J-featured “Body Parts,” for example, to be reminded of how the quartet’s penchant for cooking up baby makers is far from gone.

Stream Jodeci’s The Past, The Present, The Future LP for yourself down below. The album is currently out on iTunes now.