I can recall rolling around in Austin last week and one of the first records that popped up during a random Soundcloud shuffle was The Dream Team’s “We Are The Champions”. Who’s the first voice heard on the record? Dame Dash. Dame tells the world, “What you thought I was gonna rap? Never!” When it was just war for Dame, he could doc the Young Guns, Cam’Ron, Beanie Sigel, Twista or Kanye West on someone.

The same could be said for A. Hughes. As one of the business’s minds behind the Headwreckas outfit, he doesn’t have to stand on the front lines. He can get Doughbeezy, KAB Tha Don, KDOGG and others. Yet sometimes bosses like getting their hands dirty. And “Just War,” is A. Hughes’ version of a war call.

The light hearted produced track is the first track from Hughes debut project, one where he outlines himself as a man who sucked trapping, graduated and started rapping. It’s almost like hearing Punch from TDE job on a track and blow people away. At least “Just War” isn’t that “Dropal Rap” track Hughes had stashed away a few years ago.