Normally, anyone would be geeked out over a Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y pairing. The duo who gave us How Fly and really set the stage for the future also gave us Live In Concert in 2013, a rather unsavory sequel to a great mixtape. So 2009 is the trilogy, the one where both men are grown and are going back to their old tricks in order to give their fans what they want. Or something.

“Uber Driver” is the first track from Curren$y & Wiz Khalifa and sounds more like 2009 Curren$y & Wiz than 2014 Wiz and eternal Spitta. Backed by a hard, cloudy beat from Sledgren, both guys get back to doing what we loved from them in the first place. Let this be the preview that leads to a great mixtape from the two of them, otherwise I don’t know what my brain is going to do when it comes to the conclusion that How Fly and a few tracks like “Glass House” etc worked in that time and space only. Stream “Uber Driver” below.