As much ink as I’ve delivered on the Sauce Twinz, the more you begin to understand that they’re operating on their own rules. The Drake remix to “Legited”, the remix that should throw them into a massive press run and social media windstorm is still on ice, for now. Yet in between releasing mixtapes, watching Steve Francis get his chain snatched at a show, fighting other rappers and stage-diving to no help at a RiFF RaFF show, the Twinz and the Sauce Factory as a collective have been the thing to discuss when it comes to Houston rap.

Chedda Da Connect has the viral attention via “Flicka Da Wrist”, Maxo Kream has storytelling via a near demon like growl in between vamped out production and the Twinz are bluster, ad-libs and chaos rolled into one red ball of fury. “Oh My Sauce,” one of the first “big” Sauce records post “Legited” features Boosie still throwing shots at the Louisiana district attorney over his music being the cause of the murder rate in Baton Rogue and the Twinz kick flip enough bars and hilarity to operate not just as colorful characters. The longer we hear the Sauce Twinz, the more we begin to buy into this aura and mystique that a movement that originated in Atlanta can carry itself to Houston and become even bigger.

Linking up with Boosie and Kevin Gates (he appears on the “Tatted On My Face” remix with that charcoal smoke black flow of his) gives more credence to the idea that Baton Rogue and its eclectic rap scene of the moment matches up better with Houston than its New Orleans counterpart. There’s high energy at times but there’s also a grimness, one where Houston’s gang culture and poverty can line up directly with tales from Max Minelli, Gates, Boosie and others. It sort of works in a strange way, one where the Sauce Twinz can be just as big as superhoeres as Boosie iswas. Just gotta believe, even if the message may rub you the wrong way.

Want more Sauce? Hear “Ring Around The Rosie” with Shy Glizzy & Sosamann and “My Hoe Now” below.