Even though Brain Gang may no longer be, the sounds and raw energy that permeated that time in Dallas’ hip-hop’s life still remains. Dre Prince represents Austin, the little brother in the major Texas rap trimulative. Blue, the Misfit has picked around Dallas and wrecked venuesfrom House of Blues to any number of spots in Deep Ellum. So the two coming together for “All Around The World”, a virtual mating call to women of all races but certain sizes to party with them seems rather appropriate.

“All Around The World,” the Jeremy Biggars vision straps people in for views from New York to LA and beyond, Dre always making certain he’s the main focus and the women surrounding him are arm candy or large, costantly moving set piees. Doesn’t matter what the venue may be, everything is going to get rowdy. Especially considering who Dre Prince’s co-hort on “All Around the World” is. Watch the visual here. Check out his 2014 release BLK KINGDOM here.