You can now add New York Times columnist to the list of strange careers and avenues Slim Thug has appeared in.

The Boss Hogg has found himself in some pretty interesting positions when it comes to his money. Most of it has been made in various ways and avenues but imagine the surprise of many when they cracked open this morning’s edition of the New York Times only to find Slim Thug — by his stage name mind you — appear as a columnist.

What was Slim writing about? In true Slim Thug fashion, it’s a rather arousing story about he and his real estate agent, a chance to make a come up during the housing crisis of 2008 and how his own pleasures cost him something along the lines of $200,000.

A few years ago, I was living in a five-bedroom house. Because of the delicate real estate market Houston was facing, I was interested in selling my house to buy another one. While planning this business move, I heard about an opportunity the Obama administration was offering that would assist homeowners with short-sale deals, where the lender settles for a sale price below the amount owed on the mortgage. I jumped on the opportunity and reached out to a real estate agent to assist with the process.

It didn’t take long to find an agent, and over time we became very close. In fact, we became too close and found ourselves at a point where pleasure became more important than business.

The result was hurt feelings, mixed emotions and resentment, and once feelings are involved, business takes a back seat. After the end of our personal relationship, the deadline expired for taking advantage of the short-sale program. I ended up in foreclosure. So not only did I lose out on money from a potential sale, but I ruined my credit as well. I’ve suffered financially from not being able to do business in my own name and probably lost around $200,000 directly and indirectly through my mistake.

Slim’s discussed before how the recession knocked him down a few notches, even writing a book on the subject in 2012. Let it be a lesson learned, don’t sleep around with some people who’s set to handle your money and investments.