eric biddines

South Florida comes with quite a resume in regards to the music industry; names from Rick Ross, Trick Daddy and Ace Hood to the legendary 2 Live Crew all hail from the region. Then, there is Eric Biddines. Born in Ocala, Florida and now residing in Palm Beach, Biddines is an embodiment of everything there is to love about the south and yet, both his sound and personality are nothing but one of a kind.

A crash course on Eric Biddines; his discography boasts 5 albums, 2 EPs and multiple singles. Through the years he has made a name for himself as an independent artist and has been nominated for Artist of The Year at the Palm Beach Hip-Hop Awards, had his music videos featured on MTV, MTV2 and much more. We recently got the chance to speak at length with Biddines regarding everything from his fan base, his creative process, his most recent project planetcoffeebean 2 to advice for independent artists looking to advance in today’s industry and his upcoming plans.

When speaking to Biddines, it is evident that the unique and genuine persona that his music portrays is every bit a reality. In fact, he attributes the existence of his ever growing and loyal fan base to his personality, saying that “being me, just works for me” and even jokes that he hopes his fans will remain loyal once he cops something with leather interior. During a time where he says that “the formula, the idea (for a popular artist) is laid out. You can manufacture you an incredible rap style if you wanted to”, Biddines instead focuses on being himself and making connections with fans that are bigger than just the music.

Being himself happens to include an alternate existence. In 2008, planetcoffeebean was created. Biddines originally used the idea of the planet as a means to creative freedom; a place for him to confidently create what felt right “without rules or boundaries.” As lighthearted as Biddines comes across, his music relays heavy content that often goes unsaid in an attempt to keep listeners comfortable, namely that featured on his popular single Railroads Down/Unfinished. It seems that the planet he concreted for himself offers a space wherein expectations and critique are non-existent. Since it’s creation, planetcoffeebean has almost become a movement including construction paper aliens as well as a follow up project.

Late last year, the deluxe version of Biddines’ project planetcoffeebean 2 was released via iTunes. Soon after, music videos for three tracks off the project were being featured on MTV and MTV2 and new and old fans alike were singing its praises. As a whole, planetcoffeebean 2 is an immaculately cohesive body of work and even contains material that was created as early as 2010 and kept from public ears until it’s original release in 2013. Biddines himself is amazed with how well the project is continuing to be received among critics and listeners and says it is a confirmation that he can “make music that will stand the test of time.”

“Save. And be patient.” That may sound simple but, it is one the most important pieces of advice Eric Biddines has to offer up and coming independent artists. Everything he has released musically whether it be hand to hand CD’s, music videos or digital media meets a standard of what he considers the best possible quality. Ensuring that everything associated with his name met these standards took a recipe of being efficient financially and very patient. Instead of opting for the quick and often least expensive route, Biddines advises artists to save up “even if it takes you 6 months for one video” because in the end, the quality will speak for itself.

As far as what’s next for Eric Biddines, there are plans in motion; complete with plans to collaborate with artists including Big K.R.I.T and Cee-Lo in the near future. Biddines also teamed up with London musician Paul White for a project that will be released under the performance name Golden Rules due out the middle of 2015. Also, we can expect a new solo album titled “Elephant Wings” sometime soon.

With a sound and style that is influenced by legendary southern artists and lyrical content that transcends different planets, Eric Biddines is going to be a familiar name very soon. As far as his progression as an artist, Biddines says “I’m enjoying being able to see everything, to see the flower blossom.”

Listen: Eric Biddines – planetcoffeebean 2