Rihanna - BBHMM_cover

Apparently appearing in DreamWorks’ highly anticipated animated film HOME isn’t the only thing Rihanna has planned for the week.

It was expected that the Barbadian-born beauty would release her first studio album since 2012’s Unapologetic – slated to be entitled R8 – sometime this year; but other than pure speculation, no true details had surfaced about the upcoming LP until today.

By way of a cryptic Instagram post, Rihanna directed fans and followers alike to her RihannaNOW website where she revealed the artwork for what LOOKS like her album (and she’s STRONGLY channeling Lisa Bonet, whether she’s trying to or not). Listed as a hashtag alongside “#R8” and “#March26,” was also the the acronym “#BBHMM.” BBHMM could be the first single from R8. It could be an abbreviation for a tour announcement. Or, in keeping with the recent tradition for “surprise” releases, “BBHMM” might be a single that gives way to R8‘s release sometime later on Thursday, as well.

In any case, Robyn Fenty has something in store for us in less than twenty fours’ time.