Even though SXSW 2015 has come and gone, plenty of music exchanged ears. Musicians from all over hit 6th Street with their work. This week, I will be focusing on some of the music from independent artists that I came across while in Austin for the week.

Dallas native ThatKidCam is not a new name here at Day & A Dream. While we have posted plenty of his music, if “The Wake of Jupiter” (a 4 track preview of his upcoming project “Jupiter’s Funeral”) is an accurate representation of what to expect, you can plan on hearing much more about the young artist.

ThatKidCam and his production team have a knack for transcending, even exploding genre boxes. With sounds of everything from techno to classic rock behind Cam’s quick flow and lyrical content far beyond his years, there isn’t anything to accurately compare the music to.

After listening to Cam’s previous project “Second First Impression”, we were very impressed yet, looking for the 20 year old to come into his own and take off the kid gloves. “The Wake of Jupiter” suggests that is exactly what will happen on “Jupiter’s Funeral”, set to be released this summer.

The project was exclusively available in Austin during SXSW and one of the featured tracks “Wired” featuring Standroid has been released via soundcloud. “Wired” features a soulful rework of Dustin Lyon’s hook on “Can’t Love You”; one of the best tracks from “Second First Impression”. Another stand out is “Pride”; an ethereal experience with a sound deserving of a spot on pop, rock and hip-hop charts alike. While the quality of the production is something to take note of, Cam’s flow seems to have progressed in the short time since his last project; this is evident on “That OtherShip” and “Push”, both of which are featured on “The Wake of Jupiter”.

That Kid Cam has been making waves in his local music scene for some time now and has recently announced plans to sign to Stones Throw recording label post the release of “Jupiter’s Funeral”. As always, check back here for updates and new music. For now, take a listen to That Kid Cam’s “Wired” below and keep an eye out for the release of his next project “Jupiter’s Funeral”.

Listen: That Kid Cam – Wired