Rapsody, the First Lady of JAMLA Records, refuses to be slept on. Her lyrical dexterity has been praised time and again on this site especially, and sometimes the emcee is overlooked (that’s right, XXL Magazine, I’m talking to you), but she’s never once slowed in her work ethic. With Rap having recently put in a star turn on Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly LP – by way of the standout track “Complexion (A Zulu Love)” – perhaps now, NOW she’ll get some of the credit she justly deserves.

Rightfully, Rapsody is taking full advantage of the newfound attention, as she opted to release visuals for her powerful “The Man” single on Friday afternoon.

“The Man,” a six-minute symphony about the evolution of a boy into a man by way of his absentee father and the circumstances he was born into, is resonating and haunting. When you grow up without that male presence in your life, you’re bound to be influenced by anything, to make choices that prove you’re “different” from the man who abandoned you. With Cam Be behind the lens, the story Rapsody tells takes shape in black & white visual. Producer Eric G’s haunting piano keys and tapping drums – and Heather Victoria’s voice sounding like an apparition on the hook – are given even more levity as viewers witness a boy evolve, for better and for worse. The video’s nod to Eric Garner is sobering as well.

“The Man” appears on Rapsody’s recent Beauty And The Beast LP, available now on iTunes.

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