A freak accident in the ring has left one wrestler dead and the Lucha Libre community in mourning. Perro Aguayo, Jr., a star with Mexico’s top wrestling promotion AAA died Friday in Tijuana after a match with Impact Wrestling’s Manik & Tigre Uno (Extreme Tiger) and former WWE star Rey Mysterio. Aguayo was 35.

Reports state that Aguayo died of severe whiplash. In the graphic video which we won’t link you to, Perro Aguayo and Mysterio are setting up for a 619 spot where a headscissors sent Aguayo outside of the ring as opposed to the second rope. He quickly climbed back into the ring, took a dropkick and hit the second rope. The ropes, apparently being too tight caused enough force when Aguayo’s spine and back snapped against them and he was rendered unconscious, causing a stroke in the spinal region. Konnan, a former WCW wrestler and Mexican star in his own right, checked on Aguayo to stall while medical attention arrived. Aguyao was rushed to a nearby medical facility in Tijuana where he was pronounced dead soon thereafter.

The leader of the popular heel stable Perro del Mal, Perro Aguayo, Jr. was a second generation star, the son of legendary Mexican wrestler Perro Aguayo. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family.

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