Official music showcases don’t begin until today but Sunday at SXSW, Samsung launched their Supper ClubSseries with an intimate performance by the legendary D’Angelo along with his 4-piece band, The Vanguard. Even though it was a relatively short set, D’Angelo brought mixes of old classics such as “Brown Sugar” as well as Black Messiah records such as “Betray My Heart” and “Really Love”. Playing it almost right near his Saturday Night Live appearance last month, D’Angelo donned the big fedora, the wide grin and let his keyboard do all the work while his vocals sent the gathered crowd home happy.

About 100 guests dined on a curated menu by Chef Paul Qui who served up a menu of Birkshire Pork Shoulder, Kinilaw Hamachi & Miso Semifreddo and enjoyed the sounds of not only MICK but Questlove who decided to wear a rather appropriate shirt to the venue, “No Head, No D’Angelo Ticket”.

This year, Samsung is reinventing its popular SXSW consumer destination, Samsung Studio, to give attendees a chance to experience the full range of product innovations from smartphones, tablets and wearables to TVs and even home appliances. The Samsung Studio will once again serve as a hub of activity with exclusive events and rewards for owners and fans, a sneak peek at the latest products including the just-announced Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge and so much more.

Rick Kern / Getty .