Know what’s a rather underrated hood movie? In Too Deep. You know, the flick where Omar Epps was hitting Nia Long but stayed in the drug game way too long when he was an undercover cop and got brainwashed by a blonde haired Hill Harper and super Suge Knight crime boss LL Cool J. That’s right, Uncle L as the bad guy! There’s a scene in the movie where LL has a guy tied up, buck naked on a pool table and basically does plenty of horrible things to him.

That scene drives home the point that LL Cool J, the same guy who would go on to host the Grammys a high number of times because he’s the safest hip thing that works for CBS, can be a heartless, cold-blooded individual. The same can be said for K-Yung. For some reason or another, the guy is snakebit. For every bit of good he’s achieved as an artist, mixing trap talk with small dashes of autotune and sincerity, people try to knock him off his perch. He survived a shooting a couple years back and now doesn’t feel all that invincible yet his instinct is to feel that at all times.

K-Yung’s “Leanin” video takes some cues from In Too Deep/em> but DJ Young Samm makes a point to keep the camera on K-Yung a good 82% of the time. He’s not Kevin Gates with that coraky voice that’s more grim narrator than rapper but he’s just as capable. And that’s a good thing.