Jill Scott - You Don't Know

It’s been too long since we’ve heard from Jill Scott.

The singer’s last album, the underappreciated The Light of The Sun, released in 2011, and Jilly from Philly has been mostly quiet on the musical front ever since. That all changed yesterday, when Jill debuted her Instagram page by dropping the single artwork for an upcoming track of hers, “You Don’t Know.” The artwork, which shows Scott looking distraught and disheveled, hinted that the song might be emotionally charged. But now you can judge for yourself, as “You Don’t Know” officially released on iTunes last night.

Carrying over the same old-school feel and sound that dominated much of The Light of The Sun, “You Don’t Know” rides over bluesy guitars, blaring horns and trumpets, and soft-tapping drums as Jill weaves a tale of finding oneself in their very worst place and not wanting to be judged for it. “You Don’t Know” is what happens when you’re tired of carrying your burdens and just need to lay them down for once.

Jill Scott’s “You Don’t Know” single is available on iTunes now. There’s no word yet if Jill Scott has an album slated for release this year, but after a single like this, Lord knows we surely wouldn’t mind having one.