In most situations, my Sunday nights involve watching John Oliver on Last Week Tonight. Why? Because John Oliver banked a guest hosting spot on The Daily Show into a pretty damn good gig doing sort of the same thing at HBO. You’ll remember how Oliver mocked media coverage of Ferguson last August. Now Oliver and his crew have set their crosshairs on another dash of hypocrisy – the NCAA.

For 20 minutes last night, Oliver used his Last Week Tonight platform to remind you that the NCAA is a pretty messed up “non-profit” organization that takes brand money for everything dealing with March Madness (over $1 billion), spends gaudy amounts of money on lavish things, don’t pay their players, still feel there’s some merit to the idea of a “student-athlete”, watch as universities create “paper classes” in order to keep players eligible to play and more. There’s also a great and inspired parody of what a college basketball game would look like if you involve real life shit.

So think about that for a minute while you’re filling out your March Madness bracket. Well, you’re still going to fill it out but there’s 20 minutes of gold here.