People make rap out to be an extension of a lot of different things. Psychological, physical, spiritual. It’s all music at the end of the day but we (those who constantly look at music from an analytical perspective) gauge so much on what people are capable of doing rather than what they are doing.

Here’s a clear example for you. Rob Gullatte is a rapper from Alief, Texas. He raps in a drawl that is so eternally country it deserves to have a plate of pork chops and biscuits right next to it. He’s argued countless times that he’s the best rapper, a lofty claim that is either an insane amount of hyperbole or a mountain of self-confidence. In a week’s time he’ll be releasing a brand new All Flows tape, the one that serves as a bookend to the work he and Show Louis displayed on The Sophisticated Savages.Rob can make proclamations, some “hear ye” that sounds more like “hey now, how ya doin” and then some. You don’t get too many charming let me just rap ass rappers in Houston.

In a city full of characters, Rob Gullatte might be the most humble batch of tightly wound insanity that lives there. You can tell throughout his recent string of releases from “Imma Ride Flow” to “Is Anybody There” (stream it below) that Gullatte is in pocket, a casual mix of outright filth, angst and frustration that isn’t going to be squandered. Not for a throwawy bar or an adlib. The point is pretty much proven through a lot of Rob’s flows. He can sing with that same hard scrabble fluctuation that makes Z-Ro and Chalie Boy routine favorites but he doesn’t do it often. He’s a hardened country boy from Texarkana who could play narrator for a Texas Western if he wanted to.

Instead, Rob Gullatte just raps out of his rabbit ass mind when he feels like it. Or when he’s finally in control of his health to do so.