By now, rule of thumb when interviewing Damon Dash is to know that you’re eventually going to get into an argument. The entrepreneur did just that during his visit to The Breakfast Club on Friday morning, obviously heated at the constant questions revolving around his relationship with former Roc-A-Fella partner, Jay Z.

“Y’all talking about stuff that was 15 years ago!” Dame lashed out at DJ Envy & Charlemange Tha God. “Why people always gotta ask me? Ask that man about it.”

Dash then went on to discuss the difference between bosses and entrepreneurs, berating Envy for having a boss and zero control and how the show is built around gossip, something men shouldn’t do according to him. There’s going to be a larger question about what constitutes as a boss these days and why Dame’s method may/may not work for you but that’s for a later think piece.

The hour long interview between Dash & The Breakfast Club went at length to discuss past Def Jam business, Dash’s new upcoming film Loisaidas, his current disdain for Spike Lee & more.