Graphic: Jason Sanders

It’s that time of year again, folks! SXSW makes it much-hyped descent on Austin, Texas and we’ve (read: Day & A Dream and our sister blog right up I-45 by Jerry World, have you covered once again with the day-to-day show rundown. Call it southern hospitality, but the tag team is back once again.

So, before you get all firklempt and frantic with your “Where is that show!?!”; “Who’s performing!?!”; and my favorite, “I HAD TO RSVP!?!” questions, take a deep breath and download an entire week’s worth of shows, artist hangouts, and yes – RSVP links in one easy to download PDF.

You’re welcome.

The gift keeps on giving, though. This SXSW list will be CONSTANTLY updated throughout next week’s festivities, so do yourself a favor and keep checking back right here or via our friends at Day and a Dream. If you’re an artist, manager, event coordinator, or a fan who runs across something we’ve missed – shoot us an email ( or Hashtag #ChanDreamSXSW so we can keep the gift current.

Welcome to Texas, y’all.



*= Denotes Wristband/Ticket Requirement

**= Denotes Official SXSW Event – Badges Required


Download Print/Smartphone Friendly PDF (Last Update: 3/16/2015 @ 10:45 AM)

Updated: 3/16/2015 – Please note the list changes like clockwork. Make sure you check or for constant updates!

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