Ronda Rousey MMA Throw

Look, over the last few months, if you’ve been following Ultimate Fighting Championship or even if you’ve just witnessed the reactions on Twitter, you know by now that current UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey is no one to f*ck with. And yet, still people love to try her like she’s Dej Loaf.

Just take a look at reporter Aaron True. A correspondent and contributor to the YouTube series MMA Prime, True had the opportunity to interview Rousey and could’ve brought up a myriad of things, like the fact that Rousey just beat her last opponent about a week ago (a week ago!) in fourteen seconds. He could’ve brought up her meteoric rise and the fact that she’s been generating real interest in mixed martial arts as a sport of recent.

Instead, Aaron True made the ultimate mistake – he told Rousey “I don’t think you have much strength and can compete with a man.” Rousey laughed and responded “you know how to push my buttons.” Then, True made the even graver mistake of volunteering to be hip-tossed to Rousey. The result? Well, you can watch it for yourself up top.

So, what have we learned today, folks? Don’t try Ronda Rousey, bros. Even if you’re a white belt in judo.

[The Sporting News]