at dawn

Even a cold, drizzly Sunday couldn’t stop Houston producers Tony Dark and Nate Coop from celebrating the release of their collaborative project “At Dawn”. The cozy Alley Kat Bar & Lounge in downtown Houston offered the perfect space for the intimate listening party, DJ’d by DJ BigReeks.

As friends and supporters filled the venue, the smooth, organic sounds of “At Dawn” began. With happy hour specials in full force, everyone was bobbing and swaying along to the duo’s production; which is reminiscent of classic hip hop melded with soul music, yet creates a sound that belongs to a genre that hasn’t necessarily been established yet.

When the saxophone on “HouseShoes” played, any small talk that was going on came to a halt. It sounded like at any moment, Devin the Dude’s laid back flows or Raphael Saadiq’s crooning should have come blaring through the speakers. Maybe even Billy Cook, if anyone can find him. The sound is that versatile. Other stand out tracks, upon first listen, were “Sho Nuff Boogie” which Houston artist Doeman recently did justice with his “$tay Down Freestyle”. The sound of it is so complex that it also feels very Jean Grae-esque. “The Recipe” has a hard hitting, soulful sound that any artist looking to do an introspective type of track should jump on, immediately. I even had to stop myself from breaking down and freestyling a couple times.

While each track on “At Dawn” is very unique, together they lend themselves to a soulful and cohesive sound that Tony Dark and Nate Coop came together and created. The end result of about a month’s worth of work, a few beats sent via email and a day or two spent exclusively creating, is a product that may best be appreciated if used exclusively for an artist’s entire project. Possibly because I think it would be a shame to break up something that sounds so good together. Attendees offered a wave of applause as “At Dawn” came to a close and the evening ended with overwhelming support and appreciation for Tony and Nate’s creation. We look forward to not only enjoying “At Dawn” but seeing what the future holds for the two producers.

Listen to Tony Dark & Nate Coop’s “At Dawn”