Pop quiz everyone. What former Houston Rocket All-Star has found himself in the weirdest, compromising positions in “club” like areas in the past few months? If you’ve answered Steve Francis then you know your Houston Rockets.

Another one of those incidents befell Steve Francis again on Saturday. For some reason or another, Francis was on stage at the Sauce Twinz “In Sauce We Trust” show at Warehouse Live. He repeatedly grabbed the microphone to tell the crowd about his $100 million in earnings over his NBA career and continued interrupting the show. This, somehow led to a small fight breaking out on stage where someone went after Steve from behind, attempting to snatch his chain off of his neck. Only problem is, the chain wouldn’t budge and in a crowded spot, almost as if he were being jumped — voila, chain gone.

All weekend people wondered who exactly got video of it. Well, leave it to TMZ to let the world see just how … awkward the moment was. Not just for Steve Francis. Not for the Sauce Twinz but just another random night in Houston where a lot of random shit can happen.