Last night, Jon Stewart was supposed to treat us to a Moment of Zen as he usually does on The Daily Show. However, WWE superstar and CrossFit King Seth Rollins hijacked the segment, walked out and openly threatened Stewart to show up on RAW on Monday to settle their mini-feud once and for all.

Alright, a little back story here. Seth Rollins is a proud member of The Authority. He said he was so good he could host The Daily Show now that Stewart is retiring but deemed that RAW gets better ratings and is more worth his time. Stewart was offended and issued a challenge of 160 pounds of dynamite to Rollins on TMZ. It’s probably the most interesting thing Rollins has done since turning on The Shield almost a year ago.

It’s also sadly the most interesting thing going on in the WWE these days since we’ve been force fed a buildup from a PPV that ended three months ago, a WrestleMania main event of Roman Reigns & Brock Lesnar that may/may not cripple a few people and the general revolt of the product in general. Plus, at least you’ve got ONE guy in Jon Stewart who watches the show regularly like the rest of us. Which probably means he’s just as offended as the rest of us.

Although, I’d rather he do better things that challenge King Crossfit to a challenge in Newark, N.J. because … it’s Newark N.J.