Jordan Brand has been on a great campaign lately. The Remastered Program has been successful with great quality shoes dropping every weekend or so. The gap between the leather quality on the limited special edition releases and the general release models isn’t as apparent as it used to be. Its been a long time since I’ve been able to put on a pair of Jordans and say, “Wow, that’s leather” and not some synthetic garbage. Jordan Brand started off the Winter Spring line up pretty strong but their holiday lineup looks amazing.  

The UNC Air Jordan 1 returns in its original Incarnation after a long hiatus and AJKO variation that was highly sought after last year. The Aqua 8 and Chome 8 are accompanied by a new colorway aptly called “Third Times the Charmed”. The inspiration behind this colorway is the team colors of the Trail Blazers, Los Angeles Lakers and Phoenix Suns.

The 7s pay homage to those Cosby-esque sweaters he wore in his early ’90s commercials and finally we see the return of one of the most slept on colorways of all time the Laney 14s. Jordan Brand seems to have found its stride balancing OG colorways with well done retro plus colorways that aren’t a gimmick and fit in with the heritage of the brand. The 2015 holiday season is set up to be one the biggest and most condensed Jordan shoe release schedules of all time. Stay Tuned for more updates on release dates and pricing.