And on the 25th day of Sauce-ebruary, 2015 — Sauce Walka, ordained minister of the Sauce gave forth upon the people, a new mixtape. Apologizing for dripping sauce everywhere but not apologizing for representing Splashtown, Texas.

Now that we’ve got the histrionics out of the way, here we go with the real. Sorry 4 The Sauce is technically the first solo mixtape for Walka since the Sauce Twinz literally became “the” thing in Houston and beyond. Second, the first time you hear him rap on the tape is on the third track, the summer banger “Errbody” from 2014 with Slim Thug, Sancho Saucy & 5th Ward JP. From there the tape jumps around from old Sauce tracks to brand new spill being delivered by Walka where he jumps on ILoveMakonnen’s “Don’t Sell Molly”, Fetty Wap’s “Trap Queen”, Cam’Ron’s “Oh Boy” & more. Yes, Sauce Walka will confirm to you that he’s been in the mud and done some things. He’s rode in Benz, Beamer, sold dope, been in a few shootouts and has dealt with his mom’s addiction and more.

You might want more of the things that happened before Sauce Walka became Sauce Walka but he’s a pastor at heart. He’s got a message to spill, so be Sorry 4 The Sauce and download it below via LiveMixtapes.