A new trailer for the last installment of the Batman Arkham series Batman: Arkham Knight has been released and it is awesome! Warner Bros. and Rocksteady are making sure that this game will be forever remembered and are raising the hype for the game, and it’s working. With news regarding the ESRB rating for Arkham Knight with an “M” for mature yesterday and a new trailer out today fans all over the world are eager to play this game, as am I.

In the trailer we see the Rogues Gallery, The Penguin, Two-Face, The Riddler, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, and the Arkham Knight who have been brought together by Scarecrow to take over Gotham and kill Batman. Gotham is going crazy and only the GCPD and Batman are the only ones to keep the peace. Each villain and their army are making sure that they leave their mark on Gotham and prove to Batman that he is nothing. A couple villains who I personally want to see but most likely are not in the game are Anarchy, since he is a wild card and he thrives for riots and street fights, Talon with The Court of Owls which are the so called rulers of Gotham, and Ra’s Al Ghul with his league of Assassins.

What I like about this game is that we no longer have The Joker as the main villain and now it’s very clique to have him as the main villain. Fans are speculating that The Joker will be revived but I doubt that will happen since Rocksteady is moving forward and making sure that this game is almost near perfect. I will say that I will like him to make an appearance when Batman is hallucinating under the effect of Scarecrow’s fear gas. Scarecrow who I see as a villain that is overlooked a lot has the edge to take down Batman. It’s fear vs. fear in this game, either Scarecrow will take over Gotham with fear or Batman will remind the villains to fear him. I am excited about this game and it’s my most anticipated game for me to play!

Batman: Arkham Knight releases on June 2, 2015.