Remember when you had an old Nokia? And the only ringtones you could get were those chirping polyphonic messes that sounded like your favorite song but wasn’t really? That chirp is basically the main constant in Maxo Kream & Father’s “Cell Boomin” collaboration, the fruit of seeds initially planted during a meeting between both parties in Miami last year. Maxo knows that trapping off the phone comes with the downs and possible chance of getting caught up. That doesn’t shock anybody who’s dealt with that type of noise. There are ways around it as Maxo explains on “Cell Boomin”. You facetime the plug when your battery is on 3%, ducking away on airplane mode when things get too hot and just keeping some thing strictly business. Meanwhile, Father shows up offering fliphone advice because the Awful Records signee knows things about Flip Phone Nokias and it works over the slow and menacing Wxlf Gxd production.

Stream “Cell Boomin” below. Maxo’s Maxo 187 tape arrives March 5th.