Where do we begin with Jodeci’s “Every Moment” single?

When it first arrived on our doorstep in late January, we started bodyrolling. Jamming. Screaming from the heavens that Jodeci was indeed back. Then today, the Hype Williams directed video arrived. And all the questions arose. Like, how ’90s is this video? There’s four R&B cats, in the snow, surrounded by beautiful landscape and women in Aspen, Colorado. There’s close shots of the ladies, of Devante Swing playing the piano and his face tattoo glowing in the snow. There’s shots of K-Ci looking more like Dave Chappelle circa “Half Baked”. AND THE DOVES! THE DOVES MAN, THE DOVES.

Of course, those are jokes but “Every Moment” is an definite step in the right direction. A great direction. You can watch the video for yourself and check out the tracklist to their 20-year in the making comeback album, The Past, The Present & The Future.

The Past, The Present, The Future Tracklist:
1. “Too Hot”
2. “Sho Out”
3. “Checkin for You”
4. “Those Things”
5. “Every Moment”
6. “Nobody Wins” feat. B.o.B
7. “Incredible”
8. “Jennifer”
9. “Body Parts”
10. “Stress Reliever”
11. “Sho Out” feat. Liana Banks
12. Nobody Wins