waxaholics anniversary

The Houston based Waxaholics are gearing up to celebrate their third anniversary in grand style tonight at Alley Kat (3718 Main St). Hosted by SayBlk and Ozzie Esco, the event will be a true celebration of hip-hop and vinyl, complete with live graffiti art courtesy of Gonzo, a performance by Genesis Blu, and vinyl DJing by DJ BigReeks, DJ Good Grief and DJ Domo of the Geto Boys.

You may be familiar with the Waxaholics or have had the chance to attend one of their many vinyl DJ sets around the city. As they prepare to celebrate the success of the past three years, we got a chance to talk with member DJ BigReeks to find out just who The Waxaholics are and what they are doing in Houston.


“Things have definitely gotten busier, but busier is better, nothing we can’t handle.”

Who are the Waxaholics and how did you all end up coming together?
We are Houston based vinyl enthusiast who strive to keep the culture of playing records alive. Of course, the vinyl culture never died, it is still going strong and has actually increased by more than 35% as of late; but the average person doesn’t know that. As Serato and digital DJing have taken over, we decided to take it back a few steps to the days of the OG DJ by spinning vinyl.

We consist of Say Blk, Ozzie Esco, DJ Good Grief, and myself Dj BigReeks.  We came together all by chance really, but I have known all of these guys for more than 10+ years.  The short story is I was at a Zoltar machine one night and….the rest is history.

How was the city’s initial reception of you guys’ vision?
Well I wouldn’t say that the “city” as a whole knew exactly what we were doing, but our close friends enjoyed the throwback jams and great vibes.  A few thought I was crazy for wanting to carry vinyl around again, but as the event grew and other DJs started showing up and bringing crates to play, I knew it was the right thing to do.

How have things changed for the Waxaholics in the past 3 years?
We started off working very hard to build an event that people would enjoy, and we have continued to work to keep our vision relevant.  Of course we have made a little noise in the city, and have had a few mentions in some notable Houston publishing’s, but I guess the biggest changes have happened recently as we added a weekly all vinyl radio show about 4 months ago.  We also landed a sponsorship from Mega DJ Center and that was a huge surprise that we are thankful for.  I never thought anyone would want a Waxaholics shirt, and I was unprepared for the extra responsibility, but it’s all been a ton of fun. Plus we have had several venue changes which can be stressful.  Things have definitely gotten busier, but busier is better, nothing we can’t handle.

What’s next? 
Currently, we are getting adjusted to our new home at Alley Kat.  We are hoping to continue our Wednesday and Thursday combo and just tighten up a few things.  After that you can expect more themed Thursday nights as we have done before, as well as turntable and vinyl give aways.  We added a Sig’s Lagoon Pop-Up shop to our Thursday lineup which has been really cool.  I think people enjoy the fact that they can come to our event, drink, and dig for vinyl while we play records.

Where can people find the Waxaholics?
Every Wednesday is Wax Wednesdays on Allrealradio.com from 9-11pm.  You can download the app on iPhone or android.  Thursdays we are at The Alley Kat from 8pm until close doing a live, all vinyl mix from myself and DJ Good Grief with SayBlk and Ozzie Esco hosting.

We are on instagram and twitter as @thewaxaholics, and catch us on Facebook at facebook.com/thewaxaholics