naturenate when

Once again, Dallas emcee Nature Nate gives us a passion filled, personal look into who he is with visuals for his newest track When.

Nate’s hypnotic singing and the catchy hook on When are enough to keep your attention while his quick witted bars are dripping with genuine emotion. Visuals provided by FPM Productions capture the essence of the track perfectly while paying homage to Dallas and what appear to be some of Nate’s day one friends.

Between asserting himself as an artist to pay attention to and questioning when the big picture will come to fruition, the video balances serious introspection with everyday light-hearted moments. There are even a few seconds at the end where we can’t help but to literally laugh out loud. Look for more from Nature Nate as he prepares to release his next project, expected in April.

Watch: Nature Nate – When