So here’s where we are right now. The Sauce Factory are the movement in Houston. You can’t deny that. You can argue it but you’ll also lose said argument. Sosamann, a guy who’ve I referred to as the Daniel Boone of the group thanks to his affinity for a raccoon head to accessorize his many tattoos is arguably the oldest member of the group. He’s the guy with a lighter rasp, the one who always will shoutout his plug Diego for whatever. You thought Dora had more loyalty to her Diego. Nope, Sosamann will forever thank the plug while keeping his packs squared away.

He’s a soloist, a rapper who works mostly on energy than just outright rap lyrics. Which is perfectly fine considering his audience is built for clubs and moments where euphoria is the peak. Trap’d Out 2 is the sequel to his Trap’d Out tape. If the Factory has found pleasure curating their sound with the likes of JRag2x and FredOnEm, Sosamann has found most of his sound in the heavy ATL drum relays crafted by Bro Dini of the Trackwhippaz. “Did A Whole Lot” with Sauce Walka proved this. It’s the second rather big TSF radio record behind Walka’s own “Legited”. The Factory & Moe Gang show up in droves on TO2 from Rizzoo, Sancho Saucy, Lil JP, unofficial Sauce Boss Slim Thug and more.

Now, here’s the question. Do you learn anything from a Sosamann tape? Not exactly. You learn about his money, his plug, his crew who’ll take aim at you for disrespect and how to live your life by the by laws of the Sauce. Got it? Good, now listen to Trap’d Out 2 here.