Weeks after he & Show dropped The Sophisticated Savages, Rob Gullatte is back dropping full length rasp and “slap you for disrespect” music. He’s steadfast declared himself the Best Rapper, regardless of city affiliation or crew. He’s constantly kept his filth, that country twang of grown adult talk and doing things that only hardened, Alief individuals do. To name drop Pontus Pilot in a rap is one thing, to discuss the parameters of a woman catching his seed and falsely accusing him of such is another.

That’s Rob Gullatte in a nutshell though. Easily one of the reasons why he’s a favorite regardless. At times he’s down right villainous when discussing himself. Especially with that caption of “if you don’t like it, you can suck a motherfuckin’ dick…” Alief Dick Dastardly is what you might call him. Hear his latest track here.