Upcoming Bay Area DJ, Limbo, has released her latest music video for her next single, Warm Winter. Although she is still building up her music and getting it out though through her SoundCloud page, she has been keeping busy by constantly creating new and different sounds for people to enjoy all over, as well as playing some shows in Napa, the Bay Area, and the like.

Photo by Maxine Baker.

Photo by Maxine Baker.

Limbo uses a cat mask to hind her identity, which keeps people wondering who is the girl behind the mask? In her first music video, Late Night Illuminati Talks, this is when people first met her and saw her through video. With cutesy motions and graffitiing throughout the video, it shows she can perhaps be this young lady who just does what she wants! And with this new music video, we see this same personality: fun, upbeat, crazy, and wild.

While filming the music video with her, I asked her on what was the meaning behind this song, and her overall music. Here’s what she had to say:

“Last winter, it felt more like a summer to me, so I decided to write something that kind of felt like a warm day in December. And with my music, I just love animals and am really inspired by them, aliens, and video games. So when I try making music, I incorporate sounds like those three things and put them together.”

With that said, here is the official music video for Warm Winter:

Be sure to check out the rest of Limbo’s music on Soundcloud, and follow her on Instagram: @youknowlimbo.