Roosh Williams goes through some pretty abnormal things. First off, the reason why you don’t notice his hair being cut into a buzz or anything is because a torn labrum and rehab forced him to grow it out. Second, he probably is walking on a near broken foot but even that’s not going to stop him. Thus, you’re going to watch his “Deep End” video with Scarfae the same way I am — as a guy who utterly could careless about what’s happening on the bottom because he’s coming for everything on the ground.

“Deep End”, the latest single from Williams upcoming Unorthodox project features Roosh on his game, aptly setting the table for Scarface to completely knock everything down. The two of them standing in a shark bubble hovering over the city of Houston makes you think we’re getting back into a groove of crazy concepts in music videos. Damn making things straight forward or opulent, be wild and different! Check the video here.

Roosh Williams’ Unorthodox tape drops next Tuesday.