Bianca Rodriguez - Monday Morning Blues

On the years when Valentine’s Day falls on a weekend, that Monday after is always interesting. Either you’re still basking in the afterglow of feeling loved and appreciated by your mate; or you’re thankful that all the lovey dovey stuff has died down, so you can go back to using business as usual as a distraction from your feeling lonely.

“Monday Morning Blues,” Bianca Rodriguez’s first single of 2015, is for those of us stuck in the middle of those two categories – not hating love, but wanting love and not getting love from the one we want. With Sir Tim on the beat, “Monday Morning” doesn’t exactly sound like a blues song. In fact, it doesn’t sound like anything we’ve heard from the Dallas songbird before. Rodriguez’s music dabbles in matters of the heart often, but usually the name of her game is heartbreak or longing. In a stark contrast, “Monday Morning Blues” is a song about desire.

Initially sweeping strings turn frantically dramatic when the track first begins, and “Monday Morning Blues” manifests itself into an upbeat number where Rodriguez damn near seduces her mate. “Tell ’em you ain’t comin in today – you’ll be late,” Rodriguez urges, with the fullest sultriness in her voice. There’s only one cure for this kind of blues, and I’m not talking about Miles Davis.