In case you missed it last night, Zach Lavine completed a clean sweep for the Light-Skinned Coalition on All-Star Weekend by winning the 2015 NBA Slam Dunk Contest in convincing fashion. In a star-making performance eerily reminiscent of Vince Carter’s show stealing turn in 2000, Lavine made second place finisher Victor Oladpio’s first-round 540 reverse slam seem like a glamorous afterthought.

Lavine went into the contest as the projective favorite. Why? It all dates back to the Seattle Pro AM Dunk Contest in July. Even though Lavine stole the show last night with this dunk:

And this one:

He may have put on a better show for his hometown fans in Washington at Jamal Crawford’s Seattle Pro-Am where Lavine performed two of his show-stealing dunks but also a windmill from the free-throw line.

So while Zach Lavine made certain he would stand next to Drake & Stephen Curry at the pantheon of light skinned greatness on Saturday night, just know that all of it was written like Nas in 1996. Plus, we would have added James Harden’s clapping of both Amber Rose & Tahiry’s backs over the weekend but he then decided to shoot 15 in the first-round of the three point contest. I guess he told us, “I Just Put Up 39 (Backshots) In Back-To-Back Nights, Sorry If This 15 Is All You Get”/