Since last night, the world has been enamored with Drake’s new album, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. Well, leave it to DJ Auditory to completely shut things down by beating the world to the punch (literally) in chopping and screwing the album.

We’ll let DJ Auditory tell you the tale while we blast “Jungle” at ignorant levels.

This tape was successfully uploaded and completed at 6:17am. Why is that the case? Simply because I wanted to be able to say that I was the 1st person IN THE WORLD to chop this tape first. First in Houston. ‘Merica. This solar system really. Y’all knew this was coming. I’m starting to enjoy these spontaneous releases ever since Frank Ocean thought he’d give it a swing. It really challenges me as a DJ to be always ready to step to the challenge and be the one who gives the world these chops. So enjoy. This tape was made for chops and it’s a beautiful listen. All I ask is that you play this as loud as possible and let that shit knock! 2015 is about to be a great year for everything.

Download Auditory’s screwed & chopped mix of Drake’s new LP here and stream it below.

[Hive Society]